How would you answer this 1 important question…

How much money were you forced to write off in bad debt last year?

For many business owners, that’s a hard question to answer. Not because they don’t know, but because they don’t want to think about it.

People love to save money. I certainly do. Many business owners think that handling past due accounts themselves, as opposed to a 3rd party agency, will save them some money. And they’re right! But ONLY IF they have the skills, tools and strategies they need for effective debt collections.

The problem is, many people don’t. And because they don’t, they end up paying big time every year by writing off the money they lost to debt. The sad thing is, the average business owner fails in the area of collections because he or she lacks the tools and the know-how to be effective. And for the most part, the things that hinder them from successful collecting aren’t even big problems!

Are you hindered by any of these 6 simple, common commercial debt collection problems?

If you’re like most professionals who face debt collection duties, you may have been hindered by these common problems. Are any of these things true about you?

1. I fear making a collection call … so I procrastinate making the debt harder to collect

2. My client files and records are disorganized … so I waste time trying to find what I need

3. I get caught off guard during a call … so I fail to communicate what I mean, which requires I make MORE calls to discuss the same thing

4. I’m busy running the nuts-and-bolts of my business … so past due accounts get ignored, old and difficult to collect

5. My client information is outdated … so I end up running down old rabbit trails and wasting time

6. I’m not assertive or authoritative enough … therefore I end up manipulated into making bad deals or not getting paid at all

If you can relate to any of those, we can help. In just a minute, I’ll give you a link that will give you tips you can start using TODAY to tackle these and other common collection problems IN-HOUSE. But before I do, let me ask you another question …

What do you do when you’ve done all you can to collect in-house but you still haven’t gotten the money?

Maybe your current procedures work fine most of the time. Maybe you are one of the few who has an effective, streamlined approach to collections. But what happens to those accounts that you just can’t budge?

When you’re dealing with an immovable customer, keep in mind: You aren’t the only one he owes money. There are lots of other people that he owes and some of those people are literally screaming for payment. So to your customer, you’re just another angry voice in the crowd.

Don’t let your invoice end up at the bottom of their pile of bills! You have to stand out from all the other creditors!

Our Collection Techniques are proven effective for getting you paid

A 3rd party collection agency can make your invoice stand out among all the others, taking it to the next level of urgency for your customer. And while some of these other creditors are out there yelling and threatening, Collection Specialists at C2C Resources won’t do that. Instead, we use professional, ethical techniques that we know work – and it won’t include hassling people on your behalf, potentially damaging YOUR reputation. In fact, we’ll extend a hand to your customer to help them come to a reasonable and speedy resolution, which is usually what THEY want, too! It’s all in the approach.

C2C Resources is one of the top agencies in the nation, handling debt throughout the United States and internationally

We’re different than most agencies:

+ We are licensed in every state in which we do business.
Many collection agencies aren’t.

+ We’ll evaluate your policies, processes and procedures to help you spot trouble areas at the source. It’s possible that just ONE basic change in your AR Dept. would increase your receivables. If so, we’ll find it!
Few agencies work to learn the ins-and-outs of their client’s collection habits. They don’t work to help them troubleshoot. They just want the money.

+ We never raise our contingency rate.
– Most agencies will raise your rate when they turn an account over to legal.

+ We will exhaust every avenue to collect before we even consider turning an account over to legal.
– Most agencies don’t. They go after the easy accounts, turn the rest over to an attorney and then hike up your contingency fee.

+ We hire the best collectors in the industry. Our Collection Specialists average 18 years in the business.
– Many agencies give little consideration to the experience of the collectors they hire therefore their collection rate is low.

+ We exercise common courtesy and respect to your customer so that you are represented in a professional manner.
– The average agency is concerned only with money they are paid, not how they represent their client.

We’ll teach you our exact methods for collections

Through our web-based Profit Maximizer software system and our one-on-one guidance, you can begin today to streamline your in-house procedures leading to fewer outstanding invoices.

What sets us apart from other agencies is that we take the time to teach our techniques to our customers while providing them with the tools they need to act on what they learn … immediately. Our methods are practical and easily implemented the day you learn them. And the best part? Profit Maximizer is provided AT NO COST TO YOU.

Through our Profit Maximizer software, you’ll have at your fingertips …

• Collection call scripts you can modify for your needs … so you can stop being caught off guard and fearing every collection call

• Collection notice templates that can be sent directly from the program, printed on your company letterhead or emailed from your company account … so you can stop creating and recreating letters

• An easy to use web-based Accounts Receivable Management system … so you can stop sifting through disorganized paperwork and outdated information

• C2C’s Online Reporting System for standard and custom reporting … so you have the information you need quickly, any time you want it

If you’re thinking, “The last thing I need is another software program to learn!” let me assure you … I completely understand your concern. I’m not always the most computer savvy person but I’ve found that this program has a very short learning curve! If I can do it, you can do it!

Profit Maximizer is easy, effective and will absolutely help you speed up and streamline your collection process. You won’t be bogged down with hours and hours of learning a complex program. Plus, we’ll be with you every step to show you how to use the program to your greatest advantage in the shortest amount of time possible. And what’s more, it won’t cost you a thing. When you partner with C2C, Profit Maximizer comes with us into our business relationship, at no extra cost.

You have nothing to lose in a partnership with us. It really is risk free. There is no contract to sign and no long term commitment. We work on a case by case basis.

We only get paid when we collect money for you.
If we fail to collect, you owe us nothing. Look at it this way; if you turn an account over to us for collection and we fail to collect, you’re no worse off. It’s money you would have lost anyway. At least you didn’t waste YOUR time trying to collect it PLUS, you still have the tools and strategies we offer through Profit Maximizer.

But if we DO collect, (and we’re more successful than most) you’re back in the game!

We’re Licensed.
This is important! Because we are licensed and fully compliant with the states that require it, your business is protected. Agencies that don’t adhere to the laws become a liability to your business because, in the event of a legal issue with your debtor, YOU can be sued based on the actions of your Collection Agency! We’ve set the bar high for ourselves and for the professionals we hire, setting a standard head and shoulders above the rest.

We don’t keep you in the dark. Communication is made easy and done your way.
You won’t be in the dark about your accounts unless you choose to be. C2C Online gives you web-based access to updated information on all your accounts that you can access at any time. You can customize your reports and access that information when you want and at the level of detail you want – anytime from anywhere. And we can supply that information to you by phone, fax, mail or online.

We remit weekly.
It’s your money. While other agencies typically hang on to your money and collect your interest while you wait, the longest you will ever wait for payment from C2C is 7 days after the standard hold period.

Isn’t it great to know there’s a Collection Agency you can partner with that’s a win-win proposition?

I mentioned earlier that I would give you a link that will provide debt collection tips you can begin implementing TODAY. Don’t leave without taking advantage of this offer. It’s risk free and information rich.

Download our Credit and Collection Handbook right now at no cost!

We are absolutely committed to helping business people just like you handle their in-house receivables more effectively. We want you to succeed on your own, in-house and we want to help you do that. But I’m sure this leaves you wondering how this approach benefits C2C Resources. After all, if YOU collect on debts successfully all by yourself, where does that leave US?

The answer is found in the big picture: If we help you to collect more money yourself through Profit Maximizer or even with the tips found in our book, what agency will you partner with over the long haul? What agency will you recommend to your business colleagues? When another Collection Agency comes to court you, where will your loyalty lie?

We believe you’ll choose us, stick with us and recommend us because we will have proven to you that we CAN and WILL help you collect money that is owed to you – whether we help you do it more effectively on your own or if we collect it for you. We believe in the benefits of a long-term partnership with our clients. By giving you the practical tools you need to succeed in debt collections, we’re putting those building blocks in place for a long and healthy relationship that’s profitable to us both for years.

To that end, you’re a click away from downloading our book of collection tips. This handy, easy-to-use reference is your gateway to …

• Improved in-house procedures and strategies

• Creating fair and practical collection timelines

• Better, more effective collection letters and notices

• Effective skip tracing techniques

• Understanding the litigation process … and much more

Let me leave you with 1 last critical question: 

How much money are you willing to write off again THIS year?

Wouldn’t you like that figure to be significantly less than it was last year? We can help you make that a reality. Contact me today. But even if you don’t, download your copy of the Credit and Collection Handbook at no cost to you and while you’re at it, share the link with a friend.